Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers

Christmas2u provides the perfect solution to a stress free, affordable way to ensure you and your family have the best Christmas ever. Thousands of customers can’t be wrong and have been enjoying the benefits of Christmas2u for 9 years. With small weekly payments and our true dedication to customer service, you can join thousands who are already enjoying the magic of a debt free Christmas. That’s why Christmas2u is by far the leading Christmas hamper company in Ireland. With Christmas2u Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

What happens if I can’t keep up my payments?

We understand that circumstances change and if you are not able to keep paying, please call one of our friendly Customer Service team to discuss your options on 0818 365 222. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details of cancellation dates and applicable charges.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, we will automatically recalculate and slightly increase your future payments so your order will still be paid in full by 1st November 2018. Please note that if a payment is declined, your financial institution may charge you a fee. They will charge Christmas2u a fee – as a result, we must apply a fee of €5.00 to your account. If you do have any difficulties with payments, call our helpful Customer Care team to discuss your options on 0818-365-222 or by emailing

Why do we say Christmas2u is ‘Saving Made Easy‘?

We offer a convenient and affordable way to plan for Christmas, with thousands of top quality products available on easy weekly payments through the year. You just choose what you want, place your order, pay little by little each week and we deliver everything ready for Christmas. It really is easy as that!

Is Christmas2u good value?

Definitely. The cost of your hamper is a guaranteed, all-inclusive price, which covers the cost of packing all your hamper items and delivery to your door. Please remember that prices are what you see – no nasty APR. We may charge a little more than retail prices in some instances because of these additional costs, however our customers love the convenience and affordability and think we’re fantastic value.

Is it easy to order?

Yes. You can order online or by phone or mail. Remember, the earlier you order and start your weekly payments, the smaller they’ll be!

Is it easy to pay?

Yes. Nobody has more places to pay. You can pay by Direct Debit from a nominated bank account, or using a credit card or debit card, or online.  However for most of our customers the chosen payment method is Payzone which means you can pay through thousands of outlets around Ireland and that means maximum convenience for you – our valued customers. Visit to check out your nearest Payzone outlet.

Does Christmas2u have the biggest and best brands?

Yes. This year our hampers are filled with even more big brands and quality favourites – all the brands and names your family knows and loves. Only the best products go into our hampers for you and your family. We do our best to ensure your hamper contains exactly the products described. If a supplier changes a product, or it becomes unavailable, we will substitute a similar item for the same or greater value.

Does Christmas2u really have the best quality meat?

Absolutely! Our meat comes from one of Irelands best Craft Butchers – the same top quality meat served in many top restaurants. Your meat is delivered frozen to your front door in insulated food approved packaging, ensuring your meat is delivered in the best possible condition.

Can I change my order?

Your order is placed as soon as we receive it and can be added to, free of charge, at any time up to 1stAugust. Due to our commitments with suppliers, if you reduce your order after 30thJune, an administration fee will be charged per order.

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